Open Britain releases video showing there is no mandate to leave the Single Market

The Open Britain campaign has today released a new video showing that, far from being clear about wanting to leave the Single Market as they now claim they were, Leave campaigners went out of their way to praise membership of the world’s largest trading bloc.

Leading Leave campaigners from both Vote Leave and Leave.EU, including Nigel Farage, Daniel Hannan, Owen Paterson, Matthew Elliott and Arron Banks, are seen praising the Single Market, the Norwegian model (Norway are in the Single Market but not in the EU), and go as far as to suggest that ‘absolutely no one is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market.’

Commenting, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, Anna Soubry MP, said:

“Leave campaigners told some misleading tales during the referendum campaign and now they are at it again on the Single Market. 

“Nigel Farage and his chums like to pretend they’ve always wanted to leave the Single Market but Open Britain’s video shows the opposite is true – they used to wax lyrical about Single Market membership.

“There is a mandate to leave the EU but there is no mandate to pursue a hard, destructive Brexit.

“Brextremists like Nigel Farage need to checked before they are allowed to pull the UK out of the world’s largest and most sophisticated trading bloc of 500 million consumers, which creates jobs, drives growth and keeps prices lower in the shops.”


The video is here:

The video will be promoted to around 570,000 followers on Open Britain’s Facebook page and to Open Britain’s over 55,000 Twitter followers. It will also be emailed out to over 500,000 registered Open Britain supporters.

Open Britain are running the One Market, Millions of Jobs campaign, which is fighting to maintain UK membership of the Single Market. Their petition can be signed here: