Open Britain volunteers in biggest pro-European ‘Day of Action’ since referendum

Today [Saturday], Open Britain volunteers will hold the biggest campaigning Day of Action by pro-Europeans since the referendum, taking the campaign across the country with over 100 events scheduled to be held across the country.

The events, which include both street stalls and leafleting sessions, will see hundreds of Open Britain volunteers talking to people in their local communities ahead of the House of Commons votes on the Article 50 legislation on Monday. MPs will have the chance to back House of Lords amendments which would give EU citizens the right to remain in Britain, and give MPs a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal. 

The leaflet produced for the Day of Action, ‘Let’s get the best deal for Britain’ calls on voters to write to their MP to ask them to support the two amendments, and to commit to oppose any Brexit deal that would make their constituents poorer.

Open Britain wants MPs from across the House to follow the example of the House of Lords and vote for the amendments before Article 50 is triggered. The campaign has emailed its supporter list of over 500,000 people urging them to get in touch with their MP, with template emails available for both the amendments on EU nationals and a meaningful vote.

Street stalls will be held in locations across the country, including London, Bristol and Manchester. Many of the street stalls will be in areas that voted to Leave the EU, including Milton Keynes; Weston-Super-Mare; Ripon in North Yorkshire; Marlborough in Wiltshire; Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire; Sutton in Greater London; Fareham in Hampshire; Sevenoaks in Kent; and Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. 

Commenting, Daniel Zeichner MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, who will be campaigning at the street stall in his Cambridge constituency, said: 

“I support the work done by the campaign Open Britain, which is fighting against a Hard Brexit.

“The Prime Minister's plan to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union will severely damage our economy and I am against any deal which will affect adversely affect our vibrant and tolerant country.

“Pro-European residents of Cambridge and towns across the country should show support for the EU and the ideals it stands for. It is important for us to be out campaigning for what we care about, especially the values of tolerance and openness that define our great country.”

Stuart Hand, Director of Field Campaigns at Open Britain and former Deputy Director of Campaigns for the Conservative Party, added:

“The amazing response to Open Britain’s Day of Action show the determination of people across the country to make their voices heard about the importance of Britain staying open and close to Europe.

“They are saying in their communities that the Government has no mandate for a hard Brexit that would make us poorer, bypass Parliament, and jeopardise the rights of our friends, colleagues and neighbours who come from other EU countries.

“The Government should listen to all the people in our country who feel passionately about keeping Britain open, welcoming and tolerant, and end their headlong rush towards hard Brexit.”


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