People’s Vote campaign steps up a gear with launch of new daily morning briefing

The People’s Vote campaign is stepping up a gear today with the launch of a new daily morning briefing.

The newsletter will be emailed out every weekday morning, setting the agenda over what to expect in the day ahead in Brexit, as well as analysing key developments over the previous 24 hours. It will include selected quotes, videos and tweets, as well as a grid of what’s coming up.

Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter through the People’s Vote website. It is developed cooperatively by the eight pro-European groups now co-locating in Millbank Tower. Following the successful launch of the People’s Vote campaign, this is the first co-operatively produced product and demonstrates the positive effect the co-location to Millbank Tower is having for the pro-European movement.


Commenting, Hugo Dixon, Editor of InFacts, which is supporting the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Brexit is a big deal, but it’s not a done deal. As new facts emerge, it is clear we are heading for a miserable deal.

“Our new morning briefing will marshal the arguments showing why the people should have a vote when we know the real deal. Every day we will be taking the fight to the Brexiters camp, with strong messages about how their pet project is falling apart.”


Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, which is supporting the People’s Vote campaign, added:

“The launch of the People’s Vote morning briefing is a big step forward for our campaign and it shows what we pro-Europeans can achieve when we work together.

“The newsletter will be an invaluable resource for our spokespeople and supporters in flagging what are the most important Brexit developments each day and what we should be saying about them.” 

“The Brextremists have had their morning briefing – in Brexit Central – for some time now and now the pro-European side of the argument finally have a heavyweight counterbalance.”



Notes to editors

The signup page for the Morning Briefing can be found here.