PR2028 is Open Britain’s new campaign to bring about Proportional Representation for UK General Elections by 2028, at the latest.

We firmly believe that whatever progressive cause you are fighting for, chances are you’re being held back by our outdated electoral system and the unrepresentative House of Commons it delivers. First Past the Post is a giant ball-and-chain holding our country back.

If we want to solve the the major problems of our time - climate inaction, racial injustice, gender inequality, fake news, hate speech, authoritarian politics and government corruption - then we should start by campaigning for a fairer, more representative electoral system. Without democratic reform, frankly we are wasting our time.

Proportional representation would allow us to select a group of MPs more representative of the views of the public, ensuring the issues we care about get a fair hearing in Parliament.

Sticking with FPTP means the House of Commons will be filled with the same old people, with same old views, voting in the same old way, to deliver the same old outcomes. That won’t deliver the brighter future our country needs as it emerges from the shadow of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.


  1. It creates electoral equality for all voters by ensuring all votes count (unlike FPTP which can waste up to 70% of votes cast)
  2. It makes MPs more accountable to voters and more responsive to their needs by reducing the number of ‘seats for life’
  3. It encourages MPs and political parties to work together to build consensus, reducing the likelihood that extreme policies carry the day
  4. It increases the number of women and BAME standing for office and getting elected to Parliament by removing artificial barriers to participation
  5. It increases voter turnout and boosts public confidence in democracy by demonstrating that voting gets results


If you want to help bring about a fairer, more representative Parliament where the voices of real people are heard properly, then join the movement. PR2028 is working in alliance with a range of organisations - including Make Votes Matter and the Electoral Reform Society - to make proportional representation a reality as soon as possible (ideally in time for the next general election but certainly in time for the one after that).

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As part of PR2028’s campaign for proportional representation, we are calling for the creation of a Citizens’ Assembly to consider which form of PR best suits the UK’s needs and to make recommendations to the government. 20,000 people have already signed our petition. Please add your name to show you care about this important cause. And, once signed, make sure you tell all your friends by sharing it on your social media channels.


You can help us power this movement by taking a moment to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the links below. When you see our posts, please engage with them so that the algorithms spread the word and we grow the movement. (Even if you just post a quick 'Yes', 'No' or a smiley face, that will help enormously.)