Royal College of Midwives shows Government must allow EU citizens to stay in Britain

The Government must allow EU citizens to remain in the UK or risk a shortage of midwives, Royal College of Midwives CEO Cathy Warwick has said. She warned that expelling EU nationals from the UK would leave the NHS England 5,000 midwives short of where it should be.

In a speech today, she said: “Here in England, we have well over a thousand NHS midwives who come from elsewhere in the European Union. They are the very people our maternity services desperately need. We are, frankly, lucky to have them and we should be saying thank you. If the UK Government decides they cannot stay, England would go from being 3,500 midwives short to almost 5,000! This is a cheap way to toy with the lives of people who go to work every day to provide care and support for pregnant women and new mothers. It is time – today – for the Prime Minister to overrule the likes of Liam Fox and tell EU nationals working in our NHS that they can stay.”

Commenting for the Open Britain campaign, Norman Lamb MP said:

“Tens of thousands of people have already written to the Government urging them to guarantee the rights of EU nationals here in Britain. Today, they are joined by the much respected Royal College of Midwives.

“Our NHS depends on the vital contribution made by European doctors, nurses and midwives and it would be diminished if they are not allowed to stay.

“The Prime Minister has the perfect chance at the EU Summit tomorrow to declare that all EU citizens living in Britain will have the right to remain here and to persuade her counterparts to do the same for Brits living on the Continent.”