Rudd – Government must now deliver on promises of tariff- and barrier-free trade with Europe

Commenting on Theresa May’s Brexit speech today, in which she confirmed that she will seek to take Britain out of the Single Market, Roland Rudd, Chairman of Open Britain, said:

“The Government must now explain how they can deliver on the trade free of tariffs and bureaucratic impediments they have promised. As the Chancellor has said, no one voted to be poorer and it would be an act of calamitous self-harm if any second-best trade arrangement with the EU damaged British growth, jobs and prosperity.

“By threatening to walk away without a deal, the Prime Minister has raised the very real prospect of us defaulting onto WTO rules and erecting punishing tariffs and regulatory barriers between ourselves and our largest trading partner.

“It is now more vital than ever that those of us opposed to a hard and destructive Brexit continue to make our voices heard as we embark on a set of negotiations which will shape our country for decades to come.”