Rudd – Government should welcome Guy Verhofstadt’s olive branch

Commenting on Guy Verhofstadt’s support for UK citizens being allowed to keep the benefits of EU membership after Brexit, Roland Rudd, Chairman of Open Britain, said:

“Guy Verhofstadt’s comments, supporting the rights of British citizens to retain some of the advantages of our European Union membership, are welcome. The Government should respond positively, demonstrate its commitment to negotiating in good faith and with goodwill, and see how important it is that both parliamentarians and the public should be fully involved in the Brexit process.

“The Government should welcome the olive branch offered by Verhofstadt. Ministers must be creative in finding ways for British citizens to continue to enjoy the benefits of EU membership, and our trade and security links to the EU must be maintained. An early and positive step would be to immediately guarantee the right to remain of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom.”


Notes to editors:

These quotes are taken from Roland Rudd’s piece in the Guardian on this subject: