Open Scotland - our principles

The core principles that Open Britain in Scotland stand by are:

We must continue to:

  • Protect the economy of Scotland and the UK - trade, innovation, skills, jobs and growth – through continued membership of the single market and the European customs union. 
  • Protect the current levels of EU investment in Scotland - maintain the focus on high-quality research and on reducing regional disparities beyond 2020.
  • Protect dignity and equality within society, doing nothing that would undermine current EU-based employment and anti-discrimination rights.
  • Value talents and skills that our economy and educational and social systems need, from wherever they may comeaddressing social pressures where they occur, and providing reassurance for citizens of other EU countries already residing here.
  • Protect our natural environment, ensuring that Scotland and the UK remain leaders on environmental issues and climate change and preserve current EU-based protections.
  • Protect our national security through the deep co-operation that is so essential to defend ourselves against shared threats.
  • Respecting the rights and interests of all the devolved home nations in any negotiations, and the unique position of Scots law in Europe.
  • Safeguard human rights and fundamental freedoms through continued membership of the European Convention on Human Rights.