Sharma – Number of people who think Brexit going well now comparable to number who think global warming is a hoax

New polling by YouGov suggests just 10% of the UK public think Brexit is going well, with 73% thinking it’s going badly. That includes 70% of Leave voters.

Commenting, Virendra Sharma MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The number of people in the UK who think Brexit is going well is now comparable to the number who think global warming is a hoax.

“The Brexit negotiations are a mess, the Government is in open chaos and Parliament is paralysed by indecision. The situation is perilous.

“The best way forward for the country now is to give the decision on whether to accept the Brexit deal to the British people, so they can make their voices heard through a People’s Vote.” 



Notes to editors

The YouGov polling data can be read here: