Soubry – BCC comments show importance of a transitional trading deal with the EU

Brexit should be delayed if the Government is unable to agree a new free trade deal with the EU during the Article 50 period, one of Britain’s biggest trade bodies says today (Tuesday).

The British Chambers of Commerce also says that a transitional trading deal should be put in place if trade negotiations seem likely to take longer than negotiations over the precise details of British exit from the EU.

Commenting, Anna Soubry MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Businesses across Britain are telling us that leaving the European Union with no deal would be damaging for our economy, hitting our trade and costing jobs.

“If it proves impossible to agree a good free trade deal with Europe at the end of the Article 50 process, it is essential that we arrange a transitional deal that will maintain our current terms of trade and prevent the economy from going over a cliff edge. 

“This underlines why MPs should have a meaningful vote on the final deal once negotiations have been completed. We cannot be allowed to crash out with no deal at all without parliamentary approval."