Soubry – Government amendment is very good news

The Government has tabled an amendment to the motion for Labour’s Opposition Day Debate tomorrow, which accepts that the Government will bring forward a plan for the upcoming negotiations with the EU to Parliament before Article 50 is invoked. The Open Britain campaign has led cross-party calls for the publication of the Government’s plans and has previously released polling showing that it is supported by three-quarters of the public and by a majority of both Leave and Remain voters.

Commenting, Anna Soubry MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“This is very good news, because it means that the Government really is listening to all voices. And of course it's a great opportunity for the Government to make sure that Parliament scrutinises its plan, because we represent all our constituents and everybody needs to have a say in how we get the very best deal for Britain.

“British business wants a plan, because they need that certainty. So we're moving in the right direction, which is that Parliament should have these debates and Parliament must trigger Article 50.”

Commenting, James McGrory, co-Executive Director of the Open Britain campaign, added:

“The Government’s commitment to publishing a Brexit plan is good news but the devil will be in the detail.

“The plan they bring before Parliament should be substantive and it should be given proper time for debate.”


Notes to editors


Earlier today, Open Britain joined with other campaign groups, including Common Ground, European Movement, Scientists for EU and Britain for Europe, to call for the Government to publish a plan and bring it before Parliament: