This petition calls on Boris Johnson not to proceed with the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill and instead address any concerns his government may have with the Northern Ireland Protocol through substantive discussions with counterparts in the EU.

By withdrawing this reckless and damaging legislation, Boris Johnson can avoid:

  • undermining the UK’s global reputation as a proponent of the rule of international law
  • damaging the Good Friday Agreement which brought peace to Northern Ireland after decades of bloodshed
  • driving a wedge between the communities of Northern Ireland when they need to be united
  • damaging the many businesses in Northern Ireland currently benefiting from the trading arrangements brought by the Protocol
  • imposing legislation that defies the wishes of the majority of Assembly members elected by the people of Northern Ireland in May
  • weakening the ties that hold the United Kingdom together

Add your name to this action, and tell us what you think in the comments, together we can put a stop to this rotten legislation. Stop The Rot!

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