Streeting – Barnier speech shows hard Brexit will make Britain worse off

Commenting on Michael Barnier’s speech in Brussels earlier today, Wes Streeting MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Today we’ve learnt that British families are already becoming worse off by £400 a year as a result of the Brexit squeeze. And now Michel Barnier has confirmed that a hard Brexit will put more jobs at risk in our financial services sector.  

“The Government’s decision to leave the Single Market will make it impossible for firms to carry out some of their business in the UK. They are driving jobs to move out of London to Frankfurt, Dublin and Paris. And later today we will see the announcement that the European Banking Authority will pull out of London, putting yet more jobs at risk.

“Nobody voted for a hard, destructive Brexit that would cost jobs and make families worse off. Voters have the right to think again as the chaotic, confused Brexit process fails to match up to the promises of Leave campaigners and Government Ministers.”


Notes to editors:

A report released today by the Centre for Economic Performance has found that Brexit is already making the average household £404 a year worse off through higher prices: