Streeting – Boris Johnson detests the Chancellor “because he tells the truth” about Brexit

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has today delivered a ‘reality check’ to Brexit advocates stating, in Germany, that “we will have to give up some of the advantages of [EU] membership”.

Commenting, Wes Streeting MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The reason why Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, David Davis and Liam Fox detest the Chancellor is because he tells the truth when he says, as he has today, that ‘we will have to give up some of the advantages’ of EU membership if we press on with Brexit.

“The Government once promised us ‘the exact same benefits’ as EU membership if we left, but now some of the more honest ministers are admitting that is impossible.

“Given we cannot get the Brexit we were promised it is essential that the final Brexit deal is put to a People’s Vote.”