Streeting – Despite Davis’s warm words, real agenda of extreme Brexit deregulation is clear

Brexit Secretary David Davis delivered a speech in Vienna today, in an attempt to persuade the EU that Brexit will not mean the UK starting a ‘race to the bottom’ on regulations and standards. 

This assurance contrasts with the record of Brexit cheerleaders like Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and Jacob Rees-Mogg, who are all on record calling for the slashing of regulations and standards relating to areas like employment rights, environmental standards and food hygiene.

Commenting, Wes Streeting MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Would you trust the likes of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and Jacob Rees-Mogg to protect rights at work, environmental standards and restrictions on bankers’ bonuses, after their false promises on £350 million extra a week for the NHS? That is what David Davis is asking the public, and the EU, to do.

“In his speech he claimed he wants Brexit to lead to a ‘race to the top’ on regulations. But why would anyone believe him? He hasn’t given a single example of a regulation he would like to improve, and in any case there is nothing to prevent Ministers doing that today if they so wished – EU standards are a floor, not a ceiling.

“The Government’s real agenda is clear, and it is the direct opposite of what we have just been told. Their hard Brexit ideology will lead to lower standards, weaker protections and a desperate scramble for free trade agreements with the likes of President Trump, none of which will come close to making up for lost trade with Europe, and none of which have public support.

“Most concerning of all, after speeches from the Foreign Secretary and the Brexit Secretary we are still none the wiser about what they intend to do about the vital issue of Northern Ireland, or how they intend to limit the economic damage of Brexit that their own secret analysis has protected.”



Notes to editors:

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