Streeting – Government guilty of ‘mind-boggling’ hypocrisy on civil judicial cooperation

Government officials have warned today that no deal on civil judicial cooperation between the UK and the EU post-Brexit could see the children of divorcing parents be caught up in a judicial war that would give them less protection than the status quo.

This is despite the fact that Ministers, including the Prime Minister, have said repeatedly that “no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain.”

It comes as the Government released its latest position paper, on ‘Providing a cross-border civil judicial cooperation framework’.

Commenting, Wes Streeting MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“The Government’s hypocrisy on this issue is mind-boggling.

“It is they, not the EU, who have said repeatedly that no deal is better than a bad deal. And yet now they admit that a Brexit with no deal on judicial cooperation could put British children in legal limbo.

“Ministers need to drop their absurd rhetoric about no deal, and focus on negotiating an agreement with the EU that guarantees British families and children will not lose rights and protections as a result of Brexit.”