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On 13 December 2017, Parliament has an opportunity to put sovereignty at the heart of the Brexit Withdrawal Bill by voting for Amendment 7. Open Britain, and its network of supporters from communities across the UK, is urging all MPs to put the people of Britain first by supporting this amendment. 

Brexit is turning out to be very complicated – far more so than anybody realised at the time. By supporting Amendment 7, MPs can ensure the Government isn’t given a blank cheque to deliver whatever type of Brexit it wants, or to take Britain out of the EU without a deal. We want to see an outcome to Brexit that reflects the wishes of all the British people, and which doesn’t do yet more damage to our economy and our NHS.

The Support Sovereignty, Support 7 Campaign, launched by Open Britain, is a grassroots and cross-party campaign. We are mobilising thousands of supporters from communities across the UK to encourage their MPs to get behind this vital amendment.

There are a number of ways you can get involved in this campaign, including emailing your MP or sharing our campaign with family and friends online. Please help us in any way you can and show Parliament that they have the support of the country.

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Support Sovereignty, support 7

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