Swinson – Brexit an influence on local election results, good night for pro-Europeans

The local election results show solid gains for the two parties backing a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

Commenting, Jo Swinson MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and leading supporter of the People's Vote campaign, said:

“Whilst it wasn’t the only factor, Brexit has had a big influence over the local election results. Tonight was a good night for pro-Europeans, particularly the Liberal Democrats, who support a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit.

“Voters can see that the Brexit negotiations are a mess, and that we’re heading towards a chaotic and damaging outcome for our country. That’s why growing numbers of people are getting behind the idea of a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

“Whatever you think of Brexit, we all agree that it’s a big deal. It is far too big to be left to 650 MPs in Westminster, the 65 million people of this country must have their voices heard through a People’s Vote.”