Swinson – Brextremists “willing to sacrifice our high food standards”

The Soil Association have released their list of the “Top 10 Food Safety Risks Posed By A Future Transatlantic Trade Deal”. They warn that, after Brexit, the UK may be forced to accept import of foods currently banned by European food safety laws.

Commenting, Jo Swinson MP, a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Many Brextremists are so desperate to sign a trade deal with Donald Trump they would be willing to sacrifice our high food standards.

“Nobody voted for chlorine chicken, hormone beef, genetically modified crops or additive-injected bacon. Of course, better off shoppers might be able to avoid these ghastly products, but it is clear that it would be bad for most consumers and disastrous for British agriculture.

“Staying in the Single Market and Customs Union and preserving Europe’s high food safety standards is therefore absolutely essential.”


Notes to editors

The Soil Association’s briefing can be accessed here: https://www.soilassociation.org/media-centre/press-releases/soil-association-report-explores-top-ten-food-safety-risks-of-a-transatlantic-trade-deal/