Tell the Labour Party what you think on Brexit

Have you ever wanted to tell the Labour Party what you think they should do about Brexit? This is your chance.

On Saturday 17 February, Jeremy Corbyn and the entire Labour National Policy Forum (NPF) will gather in Leeds for their annual policy debate. The NPF is made up of the entire Shadow Cabinet, trade union leaders and all the key figures in the party.

But this year they are not inviting submissions on Brexit. The fact that in the year before we are set to leave the EU, the Labour Party has no policy commission focused on Brexit is worrying and just plain wrong. 

But if we all contribute our views, the party leadership has to listen to us. You don’t need to be a Labour supporter or member to do this. Every submission will be looked at by the National Policy Forum when they meet.

So send them an an email now. Be sure you fill out your name and address and feel free to add your own thoughts! 

Tips for writing an email:

  • Be polite. Please be courteous in your email.
  • Let them know you're a supporter of Open Britain. It really helps our campaign gain momentum.