Umunna – a year on from Lancaster House May “is fooling nobody”

A year after the Prime Minister’s Lancaster House speech on Brexit it is clear that her promises are not being, and cannot be, delivered.

After repeated assurances that Brexit would be simple and easy, the process is proving to be far more expensive and complex than the British people were led to believe.

Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

"Theresa May’s speech at Lancaster House a year ago today was a desperate attempt to show that the Brexit that was promised during the referendum could be delivered. Twelve months on, she is fooling nobody.

"Brexit is proving to be far more costly and complicated than we were led to believe. The promises made by the Prime Minister last January are today as worthless as a degree certificate from Trump University.

"In fact, talks on the future relationship with the EU haven't even begun. She and her shambolic Cabinet cannot even agree what they want.

"A year on from Lancaster House, the Prime Minister must accept that Brexit on the terms it was sold is not possible, and be honest with people about the huge trade-offs ahead. Given what is at stake, everyone is right to keep an open mind about Brexit."