Umunna – Better to extend A50 timetable than take Davis’s “bridge to nowhere”

David Davis, Brexit Secretary, today (26 January) outlined the Government’s approach to a so-called “transition period” but failed to re-state the Government’s previous promises that any Brexit deal would bring “the exact same benefits” as our current full EU membership.

The Brexit Secretary made further claims about how the UK would be able to sign trade deals in this transition period but could offer no concrete information as to what states might want to sign such a deal.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

"Transition just moves the cliff edge a little bit further away and looks increasingly like a bridge to nowhere. 

"We should not leave the European Union until we know where we are going. If all the Government have managed to negotiate in two years is the loss of our seat at the table, then the only option which doesn't damage our country is to seek to extend the Article 50 timetable. 

“If warm words could be captured and turned into electricity, David Davis would be a one man-solution to global warming.

"Today's speech revealed nothing other than a Ministerial commitment to kicking the can down the road on our future trading relationship with the EU.”