Umunna – Budget shows that Brexit will leave working people worse off



Commenting on the Budget today, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The British people were promised a Brexit boom but all they’re getting is a downgraded economy with forecasted growth plummeting since the referendum. The worst long-term growth projections for decades show that Brexit will leave working people worse off.

“£3 billion more of taxpayers’ money will be spent preparing to leave, more than the emergency cash being given to our NHS. We were promised £350 million more a week for the National Health Service, but instead public money is being swallowed up by Brexit.

“There was no rabbit in the Chancellor’s hat, just a mounting Brexit squeeze which is leaving people poorer and starving our public services of much-needed funds. As the Brexit bad news mounts up, voters have every right to keep an open mind about whether leaving the EU is the best thing for our country.”