Umunna – European Council shows the need for EU that is more than just a market

The European Council – the summit of European heads of government – has opened in Brussels today and is discussing action on Russia, cross-European taxation of social media companies and Donald Trump’s proposed steel tariffs.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

The complaint that ‘we voted for a Common Market in 1975 and not a political union’ is the anti-Europeans’ favourite trope. 

But the importance of having an EU that is about much more than a Customs Union or a Single Market is shown today as the European Council discusses three of the biggest issues facing our continent: Russia, taxing social media giants and responding to Donald Trump’s moves towards a trade war.

None of these issues can be dealt with effectively by any one country. Collective action is essential, and the European Union provides an effective and globally respected framework to make that happen. 

The economic risks of leaving the EU are substantial, but they are not the only costs we face: loss of influence in the international sphere from leaving will politically weaken Britain too.”