Umunna – Government need to rethink to prevent destructive Brexit

 Commenting on the end of the 5th round of Brexit negotiations, which Michel Barnier described as being in “deadlock”, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:


“That these talks are in deadlock just shows how much more complicated the Brexit process is than we were told, and how leaving the EU in the painless way the Government have promised may prove to be simply impossible.

“With every failed round of talks, the chances of a destructive Brexit with no deal at all become greater and greater. Such an outcome would hammer trade between Britain and our largest economic partner, putting jobs at risk here in the UK. The extreme, destructive Brexit course taken by the Government risks driving our economy off a cliff.

“Ministers have the right to reverse the damaging course they have set the country on. They need to rethink and negotiate to keep us in the Single Market and the Customs Union to prevent a Brexit that will hurt working people.”