Umunna – Macron and Gozi both show “the door is open” to staying in the EU

President Macron of France and Italy’s EU Affairs Minister Sandro Gozi have both, today, made it clear that the UK retains the option of staying in the European Union.

President Macron told the BBC: “I do respect this vote, I do regret this vote, and I would love to welcome you again." ( )

Sandro Gozi, speaking to Chuka Umunna MP on LBC this morning said: “the door is open, [It is] all up in your hands, democratically … really up to the Brits”. ( )

Commenting Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“France’s President Macron and Italy’s EU Minister Sandro Gozi have joined a chorus of European leaders saying the door is open to the UK staying in the EU if we change our minds.

"The Brexit negotiations brought issues to the fore that no one could have known about at the time of the referendum and that the process of leaving the EU is much more complex and costly than we were told it would be.

"As these new facts continue to emerge, we have every right to keep an open mind about whether Brexit really is the right choice for our country.”