Umunna – May cannot stick her head in the sand and make Brexit go away

Commenting on Theresa May’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly this evening, which made no mention of Britain’s exit from the European Union, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“It is truly astonishing that our Prime Minister should outline Britain's foreign policy at the UN and not even mention the biggest single issue in our international relations – Brexit.

“When given an opportunity to address the rest of the world, one would expect Theresa May to at least acknowledge our exit from the EU and give an indication of the Government's priorities. But not a bit of it.

“Brexit might be turning into a nightmare for her government, but sticking her head in the sand and pretending it doesn't exist won't make it go away. We can only hope for a more impressive performance in her speech in Florence on Friday, but no one should be holding their breath.”