Umunna – May’s comments show why so many reject Brexit options

The Prime Minister has again refused to say she has changed her mind from the time of the referendum, when she campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU.

Asked at a press conference with the Danish PM in Copenhagen “have you changed your mind” on remaining in the EU, Mrs May failed to address the question in her lengthy answer.


Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

Theresa May cannot bring herself to say leaving the EU is the right choice for the country, even though she is determined to force her Government’s extreme Brexit on us all.

The threat of Brexit puts our economy and prosperity at risk, jeopardises the Good Friday Agreement and damages Britain’s international standing.

It is no wonder the Prime Minister cannot bring herself to support it in public and it is no wonder that more and more people are saying that politicians alone cannot have the final say on whether we accept any deal she negotiates on leaving.”