Umunna – “Old Banger Brexit” being sold by deception

Chuka Umunna, leading supporter of Open Britain, will tell the Advertising Association today (Thursday 25 January) that Government ministers are like “second hand car salesmen” trying to flog Brexit in the form of “an old banger” and relying on “great deceptions” to close the deal.

He will compare the government to used car salesmen trying to pass off “an old banger” in the form of Brexit by using deception:

“You've got these second-hand car salesmen in Michael Gove and Boris Johnson who have sold you what you thought was going to be a shiny new Audi with not much mileage on the clock and all the added extras. You envisage getting from A to B very easily.

“Now you've gone to look at the car, and it's an old banger, god knows how many miles on the clock, and it's going to break down.

“Their worry is that you'll now want to abort your purchase.”


On Government ministers deceiving the British people, Chuka Umunna will say:

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Brexit – in the terms it was sold to the British people and British business – is not deliverable… Conservative ministers are deliberately deceiving the British people about the Brexit negotiations. This Government is not being honest with you.”

“I have no problem with the Government being ambitious and wanting to get the best deal for Britain – we all share that goal. However, I do take issue with ministers deliberately deceiving people and sowing the seeds of fantasy when – as the reality of Brexit becomes clear – it is open to the people to take a different view on whether to press on with Brexit at the end of the talks.”

“Government ministers portray Brexit as a single linear road with one destination where we cannot slow down, stop or turn off. That is simply is not true.”


Commenting on the Prime Ministers negotiating red lines, he will say:

“The unsustainable negotiating red lines set out by the Prime Minister are severely restricting the ability of Britain to get a decent deal from this process. Our EU counterparts have put a number of options on the table. Theresa May is the one ruling them out.”


On the UK getting a special Single Market deal for certain sectors, Umunna will say:

“The EU are not going to risk tearing apart the Single Market, to give the UK a special deal – generally or in any particular sector be it advertising, financial services or anything else… The simple message coming from our EU counterparts, in conversations that I have had with them, is that the UK cannot both have our cake and eat it – contrary to what the UK government is telling British business.”