Umunna – On £350m, no one can trust a word Boris says

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s Daily Telegraph article, pledging that Brexit will lead to a £350 million a week boost for the NHS, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Boris Johnson had a chance to vote to deliver the £350m extra a week for the NHS in February, and he refused to do so. He promised to guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain, and nothing has happened. No one can trust a word he says. 

“What we've seen since the referendum is that Brexit will break our NHS, not boost it. The IFS have forecast a £58bn black hole in the budget, which will mean less money for the health service. We are facing a crippling staff shortage as the number of EU citizens applying to work as nurses has collapsed. And leaving the EU will inevitable entail a whopping divorce bill that will take money out of our NHS.

“The £350m a week promise was a fib, and there is absolutely no chance of it being delivered. Boris should be apologising for his disgraceful conduct in the referendum, not continually making the same impossible promises.

“He's like an old rocker who sings the same tunes, but they just don't sound right anymore. A period of silence on his part would be welcome.”