Umunna – Outrageous for Government to schedule just one day to crucial Brexit debate

The Government has announced it is scheduling just one day to consideration of the 15 House of Lord’s amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill. The debate is now due to take place on 12th June.  

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It is absolutely outrageous for the Government to allocate just one day to a debate that promises to be crucial for the future of our country. But it is unfortunately in keeping with their whole approach to Brexit: shambolic, lacking transparency or accountability and contemptuous of basic parliamentary scrutiny.

“This is a shameful attempt by the Government to avoid difficult questions about the chaotic mess they’ve made of the Brexit negotiations. But people will not be fooled. I hope MPs will vote in favour of the vital amendments to this Bill, in particular those that seek to keep the UK in the Customs Union and in Europe’s economic area.

“And when the terms of the Government’s final Brexit deal are known, Ministers must not be allowed to side-line the public, as they have repeatedly tried to side-line Parliament. We need a People’s Vote on the deal, so the public – and not just politicians – can take a view on it.”