Umunna – “Owen Smith is absolutely right”

Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Smith has written for the Guardian on the need for the Labour Party to consider a public vote on the terms of any final Brexit deal.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

Owen Smith is absolutely right when he says that Labour needs to go further in opposing the government on Brexit. 

The Brexiters made many promises to voters that we now know cannot be delivered on. They told us that we had nothing to worry about over Ireland, when it is plain they were clueless about the issues involved. They pledged us £350 million a week for the NHS when the reality is that Brexit threatens to do deep damage to our health service.

If we are not going to be offered the Brexit we were promised we have every right to ask whether Brexit is the right path for the country.”



Notes to editors 

Owen Smith’s article can be read here: