Umunna – Progress in talks is about time and has cost us £50 billion

Commenting on the long-awaited progress between the Government and the European Union to move onto the next stage of Brexit talks, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“It is about time. Eighteen months have passed since the referendum, so it is welcome that the Government can finally start talking about our future relationship with our largest trading partner. 

“A huge amount of time has been lost thanks to divisions in Cabinet, and the Prime Minister’s ridiculous red lines. In the meantime, new facts have come to light, on everything from Northern Ireland to the impact of Brexit for our NHS. 

“It has cost us a £50 billion divorce bill to get this far. This is on top of a huge hit of tens of billions of pounds in lower growth since the referendum, and higher prices in the shops because of the plunge in the value of the pound.

“When it comes to trade talks, the only model on offer is a Canada-style agreement which the Prime Minister and the Chancellor have said would be bad for our economy.

“Faced with these new facts people will understandably want to keep an open mind as to whether the costs of Brexit are worth it.”