Umunna – The Government is shifting the goalposts and preparing to climb down on the role of the ECJ

Commenting on the publication tomorrow (Wednesday) of the Government’s Brexit position paper on dispute resolution, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Ministers consistently defend their decision to pull us out of the Single Market because of their self-imposed red line on ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in Britain. But their sudden shifting of the goalposts to ending only the ‘direct’ jurisdiction of the ECJ suggests they are paving the way for some sort of climbdown. 

“Nothing the Government says it wants to deliver from Brexit – be it on trade, citizens’ rights, or judicial cooperation – can be achieved without a dispute resolution system involving some role for European judges. 

“Despite what Leave campaigners claimed, Ministers seem to be hinting that total judicial sovereignty is impossible. It appears that the Government realizes that European judges will have some say over what happens in Britain, whether we are in the Single Market or not. So why are they still planning to damage our economy by taking us out of the Single Market when doing so will not really take back control of our laws?”