As you’ve likely seen by now, Boris Johnson offered a pseudo-resignation speech this week. Not only did he fail to apologise or take responsibility for his lies, incompetence and corruption, he also refused to step down immediately, insisting that he should remain “caretaker PM” for the time being. 

Johnson’s “intention” to resign is just not enough – we need him gone, TODAY. If he needs help packing, we’ll get the Rot Squad over there right away. We’ll even pay for the moving van.

Make sure you’ve signed our petition calling on the Conservatives to evict him today. 

It’s critical that Johnson doesn’t remain in office. The constitutional damage he has caused to date is bad enough but the destruction that could ensue if he stays in Number 10 surrounded by lackeys and 'yes men' is hardly imaginable. 

It is madness to allow a petulent narcissist with nothing to lose to remain in Number 10 with the full array of Prime Ministerial powers (including making lifelong appointments to the Lords, declaring a state of emergency to crush protest, taking the country to war, etc).

It’s also wrong in principle. Someone who breaks the law and smashes the norms of government so egregiously and so consistently should never be trusted in a “caretaker” role. In a more just world, Boris Johnson would not even be allowed to remain an MP.

The Conservative party has finally started to acknowledge reality as their ship starts to sink. A few members, including former PM John Major, have gone further and called on the party to evict Boris immediately. It’s the least they can do – they let Boris get away with too much for too long. Evicting him is the absolute bare minimum they can do at this point. 

Even when he’s gone, it’s hard to be sure that things will get better. According to a YouGov poll, Johnson’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is the current favourite for next PM among the 716 Conservative party members polled, although he’s only got 13% of the vote. Like everyone else in the running, he voted loyally for all the anti-democracy legislation that has passed through Parliament recently.

Under a new Tory government, the meaningful political reform we need would be a non-starter. Polling from before Johnson’s resignation speech gave Labour an 11 point lead – it’s likely higher now. The Lib Dems and Greens are also up. The public is waking up to the fact that the governing party does not have our best interests at heart, and are not equipped to deal with the challenges we face. We want a true fresh start, not just a rerun of David Cameron or Theresa May.  

We’re in uncharted waters right now. The government is half-empty, the PM is disgraced, and the Conservatives are desperately scrambling for legitimacy. We’ve given you our take on the situation, and we’re committed to finding avenues for meaningful political reform no matter what happens. 

What do you think about Johnson staying?

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