At 2pm this Sunday, 15th May, we will be outside Downing Street to show Boris Johnson and his cronies that we’ve had enough of their lies, excuses, and attacks on democracy. Our message is clear: Boris Johnson is not fit to lead, and we need to act now to stop the rot that is killing our political system.

We’re proud to announce that Rosie Holt, political comedian and satirist known for playing a role as a Conservative MP, will be our host for the afternoon. 

The following speakers will highlight different aspects of the rotten politics we have in Boris Johnson’s Britain, and point out how we can respond positively: 

  • David Lammy: Labour MP for Tottenham and Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs.

  • Peter Tatchell: Human rights activist, campaigner and founder of LGBT rights direct action group Outrage!

  • Nathalie Bennet: Green Party peer. Former leader of the Green Party of England & Wales
  • Andrew Adonis: "Labour peer and leading anti-Brexit campaigner.
  • SupertanskiiiPolitical commentator and satirical comedian of online fame.

  • Marina Purkiss: Political commentator, writer, activist, and campaigner.

  • Mandu Reid: Leader of the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) and prominent spokesperson for women’s rights in the UK. 

  • Tom Brake: Former Lib-Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington and founder/director of cross-party campaigning organisation Unlock Democracy. 

  • Catherine MayerAuthor, activist and member of Covid Bereaved Families for Justice.

  • Additionally, we’re lucky to have DJ Cozette,(London-based DJ, designer, connector and a British Fashion Council Change Maker), providing some tunes to keep things light.


If you are as concerned as we are about the state of our politics, you won’t want to miss this event. Thanks to the activists above, #StopTheRot will be an afternoon of politics, entertainment and action. We’re going to send Boris a message loud and clear, showing that we’re united against the rot that he and his government have brought to our politics.


Open Britain


We are a grassroots movement, hundreds of thousands strong, fighting to make democracy work for everyone.