Williams – Health Committee report shows “Brexit costing NHS resources and staff”

The Health Committee of the House of Commons have today (Friday 26 January) published a report into the nursing workforce.

In paragraph 98 the committee reject the claim that the continued fall in nurses working in the NHS is due to a language test, while in paragraph 108 the committee call for the government to do more to assure nurses from elsewhere in the EU.

Commenting, Dr Paul Williams MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“The greatest assurance we could give nurses from other countries in Europe is to abandon Theresa May’s plan to leave the Single Market and Customs Union.

“Far from delivering more money for the NHS, Brexit is already costing the health service resources and staff. And this report nails the lie that a new language test is the main reason for the falling numbers of EU nurses.

"Polling shows the NHS is the number one issue of concern to the public and Brexit is their second biggest worry.  Abandoning hard Brexit would go a long way towards reassuring voters about both issues.”  



Notes to editors

Paragraph 93 of the report records the decline in EU nursing numbers, and detailed figures can be found on the NHS Digital site here:https://digital.nhs.uk/article/8469/Nurse-turnover-by-region-nationality-and-age-September-2012-to-2017