Wilson – Damian Green is right to oppose walkout from Brexit talks

There is no chance the UK Government will walk out of the Brexit talks without an agreement, First Secretary of State Damian Green has said today.

Commenting, Phil Wilson MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Damian Green is absolutely right to oppose the disastrous notion that the Government could walk away from the Brexit talks without a deal. 

“A walkout would see Britain crash out into the unknown, with no deal on security cooperation, Northern Ireland or our future trade with our largest economic partner. New trade barriers and tariffs would put jobs at risk, cause even more price rises, and leave less money to spend on our NHS. 

“The Prime Minister should show similar strength in slapping down the Brextremists whose obsession with a no deal Brexit threatens to devastate our economy.”


Notes to editors:

Damian Green’s comments are reported here: https://twitter.com/joncraig/status/921009696093429760