Wilson – Gove promising money that doesn’t exist for the NHS and says we’ll continue to pay EU

On the Andrew Marr show this morning, leading Leave campaigner Michael Gove confirmed that he thought the UK would have to continue paying the EU through ‘legacy funds’. This is despite claiming earlier in the week, despite the OBR’s £58.7 billion Brexit bill, that all current EU funding could be spent on the NHS when we leave.

Commenting, Phil Wilson MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“One minute Michael Gove is promising money that doesn't exist to the NHS and the next he is saying we will continue to pay in to the EU. 

"Leave campaigners showed the same disregard for the facts during the campaign and still have no plan now.

“It is vital that we don’t over-simplify the complex issue of how we agree our best possible trade relationship with the EU. Debt and borrowing are rising – and we haven’t even left yet.

“The best outcome for our economy and for working people will be for the UK to trade fully within the Single Market. All other options raise trade barriers. As Michael Gove is so disdainful of experts, perhaps he could bring together some evidence of his own.”