Wilson – Government is “backing out” of its security commitments to our European friends and partners

The UK Government has informed the EU that it has withdrawn its offer to lead a battle-ready EU military force after Brexit. 

Britain’s Lieutenant General George Norton informed the chairman of the EU military committee last Wednesday that the UK would no longer be the lead nation in a 1,500-strong “battlegroup” for EU defense in 2019 because of ongoing uncertainty over the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.


Commenting, Phil Wilson MP, leading supporter of Open Britain and member of the parliamentary Defence Committee, said:

“At a time when Boris Johnson is traipsing across Europe asking for solidarity from our EU allies in the face of the growing Russian threat, the Government is backing out of its security commitments to our European friends and partners. 

“The Prime Minister says she wants a deep and comprehensive security partnership with the EU, but when it comes to actually doing anything about it, she has bottled it at the first opportunity.

“The leading role we play in EU-wide security cooperation is crucial. If one of the many costs of Brexit is going to be less international influence and less ability to stand up to the range of threats we face, we are all entitled to keep an open mind about whether leaving the EU is in the national interest.”