Wilson – staying in the Single Market makes sense for defence

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), have today published a report by Lord Ricketts, formerly the UK’s National Security Adviser and HMA to France, on the implications of Brexit to Britain’s defence and security relationship with France.

The report states: “Membership of the EU involves continuous coordination on a vast range of issues, and creates the habit of thinking and working together. Disconnected from that network, there is a real risk that Britain will drift apart from its European neighbours and come to seem less relevant to their perceptions of their core interests.”

Commenting, Phil Wilson MP, a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

"Today's paper should serve as a wake-up call to everybody concerned about this country's defence and security. Brexit will put severe strains on defence co-operation between Britain and France and leaving the Single Market will jeopardise long-standing working-relationships between UK and French defence contractors.

"Our security relationship with France, as the other nuclear power in Europe, runs deep and must be protected. Staying in the Single Market makes sense for defence as well as for our wider economy."


Notes to editors

RUSI’s report can be accessed here: https://rusi.org/publication/briefing-papers/national-security-relations-france-after-brexit