With your help, we took your video messages to Tory MPs to parliament ahead of the vote of no confidence. 

We at Stop the Rot saw a 13-point letter circulating this morning, encouraging Tory MPs to join the Tory rebels and call time on Johnson’s premiership at tonight’s confidence vote.

The rebels’ list was all about the electoral risk of continuing with Johnson; it was all about the Tories saving their own skins.

We were shocked.

The list had nothing to do with the interests and well-being of the British people, and made no mention of the damage that Johnson continues to do to our citizens, our democracy, and our country.

So we made our own list. A citizens’ list. A country-first list. And we’ve put it on the side of a bus (okay, a van) for Tory MPs to consider ahead of tonight’s vote.

We urge Tory MPs to put the country first. We urge them to do the right thing by the British people. We urge them to send Boris packing, not for narrow ‘electoral’ reasons, but to seize this chance to take Britain back from the brink - and Stop the Rot.


The video has now been viewed over 100,000 times on twitter - you can watch it here.  https://twitter.com/stoptherot_uk/status/1533850819015188481

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