Making democracy work...

...for everyone



Open Britain is a grassroots movement, hundreds of thousands strong, fighting to make democracy work for everyone.

Effective democracy is the door to a brighter, more progressive future for us all. But our democracy is broken and that future is in doubt.

Millions of activists fighting for a better future are being blocked or slowed down by our broken democracy.

If you are fighting the climate crisis, our broken democracy is getting in your way. If you are fighting to ensure our health and social care systems are properly funded and capable of withstanding a future pandemic, our broken democracy is getting in your way. If you are fighting gender, race or wealth inequality, guess what…our broken democracy is getting in your way.

We need to fix our democracy now so that we can get on with fixing these social problems in a fair and effective way.

Like many of you, Open Britain is tired of waiting for our politicians to come up with solutions to these fundamental issues. We are working to replace the current unfair voting system with one that ensures all votes count and all voices are heard.

Taking power away from the unrepresentative minority forcing us towards a future we do not want and putting it back in the hands of ordinary people is the first step in getting this country back on track.

We hope you will join us.

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