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Who we are

Open Britain played a central role in the UK's Brexit debate, initially by leading the 'Remain' campaign in the referendum, then by pushing for a final say on the Brexit deal as part of the People's Vote campaign.

Nowadays, Open Britain is a campaign organisation dedicated to the revitalisation of UK democracy. Through our campaigns, we aim to address some of the key weaknesses in our democracy and challenge those forces that are intent on undermining it.

What we want to achieve

1. We want to increase public understanding of, and engagement with, all levels of democracy in the UK

2. We want to replace the outdated First Past the Post electoral system with a form of proportional representation

3. We want to encourage and support community activists to campaign on the issues they care about, be they local, regional or national

Our Democracy Unleashed campaign aims to deliver the first of these objectives and PR2028 the second. Our platform to support community activists across the UK will be launched later in 2021 and will deliver the third.

How to get involved


First Past the Post has had its day. It has left millions of people without a democratic voice and contributed to historically low levels of public confidence in our democratic system.

We believe a switch to PR should be made as soon as possible but certainly no later than 2028, the centenary of the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 which gave women full electoral equality.

In making a small donation to our PR2028 campaign, you will be joining tens of thousands of like-minded people who have already indicated they are prepared to fight for a better future built on a fairer, more inclusive electoral system.

Your support will allow us to:

  1. Run a national advertising campaign to raise awareness of the damage FPTP does to our lives
  2. Lobby members of Parliament to support electoral reform
  3. Build a movement behind the idea of a national citizens' assembly to identify the most suitable form of PR for Westminster elections

£19,367.55 raised so far. Help us get to £25,000.00!


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